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Registration of a company in Singapore is one of the right decisions for those who wish to enter the Asian markets. If you have been thinking about expanding your company or starting a new business in Singapore, there are many reasons to choose this particular jurisdiction.

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Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company is the most popular form of business organization in Singapore. Unlike such forms of business organization as private entrepreneurship and partnership, such a company has a legal status separate from its shareholders and directors, whose liability for the company's obligations is limited to the amount of contribution to the company's authorized capital.

Public Company Limited by Shares

Public company limited by shares - open joint stock company (the maximum number of shareholders is not limited).

Branch office

The purpose of the branch office is to satisfy customer needs for face-to-face interaction. The Branch office can consist of a single individual or It can be staffed.

Holding company

Holding Company is registered to hold the outstanding stock of other businesses. The purpose of this type of company is to own shares of other companies to form a corporate group.


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  • at least 1 shareholder (natural or legal person);
  • at least 1 director (only individuals over 18 years old);
  • at least 1 director – resident of Singapore;
  • at least 1 company secretary;
  • the minimum initial paid-up authorized capital is S $ 1;
  • registered office address in Singapore.

Legal address​

Any Singapore registered company must have a registered address. This must be a real address, not a PO Box.

Bank account

Once a company is incorporated, it can open a corporate bank account with a Singapore bank or a foreign bank. To open a Singapore bank account, a foreign director of a Singapore company must personally visit a bank branch in Singapore.

Legal name​

A company name must be approved by ACRA before a Singapore company can be incorporated. ACRA will reject the proposed company name if: - the name is identical to another existing company name; - the name is undesirable; - contains words prohibited for use (today this word "Temasek" is the name of an ancient state on the territory of modern Singapore).

We have many years of experience and the necessary knowledge to register a company in Singapore and provide a solution for your business. Our lawyers, accountants, and business consultants will help you with the process of registering a company in Singapore and with the further conduct of your business.


The accounting that Singapore companies maintain is based on standards that contain the basic rules and principles for accounting for financial transactions of a different nature. These standards were designed to systematize a set of requirements for the process of reflecting important events and processes of any company on the balance sheet of an enterprise. We will take care of all the paperwork, Singapore legal has an accountant with huge work experience.

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