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In recent years, Singapore has been one of the main points in the region when choosing a location for opening headquarters in the segment of large business. This choice is not an accident. The Singapore government is on a steady course to attract investment from transnational organizations from all over the world. The proceeds are invested in the economy of this unique jurisdiction.

Setup Company

The ideal choice for those who are going to open a company in Singapore is the form of a Private Limited Company, specifically the Exempt Private Limited Company (Exempt Private Limited Company). This form is the most common form of incorporation in Singapore and is suitable for most types of business. Exempt Private Limited Company allows a foreigner to be 100% shareholder and owner of his company, and the liability of the founders is limited by the size of the authorized capital.

Exempt Private Limited Company – suitable for companies with no more than 20 shareholders, provided that none of them is a legal entity. A company with this organizational and legal form is exempt from filing audited financial statements if the company’s turnover is less than S $ 10 million per tax year. It is a great choice for new startups because it allows you to minimize the cost of doing business and at the same time enjoy numerous tax benefits.

Business formation

Forming a company in Singapore is quite simple but each country has its own difficulties. Our experts will help you prepare the necessary package of documents and choose the type of company that suits your business, we will also advise you on taxes and we are going to support you at all stages of a company formation in Luxembourg.

Business transfer

In modern companies, the transfer of power to a hired manager occurs in four main causes are as follows – business owners live abroad, the businessman is planning to start a completely new business, business is rebuilt the functional structure into a decentralized holding Usually, the business transfer should be a preferred tool to structure a deal. Our team of lawyers and economists will help you carry out a business transfer and advise you on all issues.

Business in Singapore

Singapore will be interesting to those who strive to get the maximum benefit from the loyal system of taxation and foreign trade in services and goods.

The political and economic situation in Singapore is very calm. The state is constantly introducing new concessions for business, increasing investments both in construction and in the total landscaping of the island. Singapore is ranked in the world as: the third largest currency exchange market, financial center, and oil refining center; the second busiest container port; the second most competitive state; “The best city for international meetings” (UIA); City with the Best Investment Potential (BERI); Most Technologically Ready City (WEF).

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