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Holding company in Singapore

A holding company is a company that invests in and/or buys shares in other, smaller companies, which sometimes allows for controlling stakes in those companies. Holding companies exist in almost every industry.

This mechanism is used to store and manage long-term investments, including debentures, real estate, and shares of other companies, in a financially efficient manner. Holding companies receive income primarily from dividends, interest payments, and rents, depending on the types of assets they own.

Singapore companies can be used as private property management companies to manage family assets.

Setup a holding company

The creation of a holding structure in Singapore can be beneficial both from the point of view of expanding the sales market to the countries of Asia, Europe, and America, but also from the point of view of legal minimization of taxation. We will help you to open a holding company in Singapore, our specialists have extensive experience and knowledge about holdings companies. 

Procedure and requirements

  • Singapore law stipulates that at least 1 shareholder, legal entity or individual, resident of any country (jurisdiction) must be at least 1 shareholder when creating a company.
  • To establish a company in Singapore, it is necessary to have at least one director residing in Singapore.
  • The minimum paid-up share capital is 1 Singapore dollar or 1 currency in another foreign currency.
  • Registration of a company in Singapore does not require a physical lease of a Singapore office.
  • Information about shareholders and directors is open and publicly available.


Singapore companies are required to maintain accounting records and file tax returns. The company has the right to independently choose the tax year for the payment of corporate taxes. Get a bookkeeping solution with our help. We will take care of all the paperwork and business accounting.

Bank account​

Singapore provides reliable protection of company assets due to banking secrecy and confidentiality established by Singapore law. Moreover, the legislation of Singapore does not restrict the company in the choice of banks and their countries of location, as well as the total number of company accounts. All information about the company's banking operations is confidential. After the successful founding of a company, we will help open a bank account in Singapore.


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Other types of companies

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